positive thoughts

It is simple and easy to be happy. The hard part is Convincing yourself, and getting past your own resistance to Happiness.

You might assume that just because things are one way or Another, there is no possibility of happiness. Yet that Assumption is entirely mistaken.

You know precisely how to be happy, how to create the Feeling of happiness within yourself and how to express it Within any context. You've done it many times in a whole lot Of different situations.

Your happiness does not come from the moment, or the Surroundings, or even from the people around you. It comes From you, and from your decision to feel its positive power.

Go ahead and skip right over all those reasons why you can't Be happy. Instead, think of the times when you have been Happy and recall the strategy you've always used to bring That happiness to life.

Activate that very same strategy right now. And bring the Positive power of your own happiness to this very moment.

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