Proprietry Software Vs Open Source Software

People who make or install pirated soft wares often do so out of ignorance, rather than with an intention to harm anyone. However, software pirates can often end up in trouble, which can costs them a lot of money, and often more than the cost of purchasing legal software.
To be absolutely sure that your copy of proprietary software is real, make sure you have the right licenses.
If you don't have the license, you should stop using your copy of a particular software and purchase the real software or live in fear of being caught.
So what's the alternative if you don't have the money to purchase proprietary software? You can use equivalent open source software; Open source software may require some re-leaning, but it will save you lots of pain later. Here's why: Open source software is free of cost, so you don't have to worry about license fees. It is free and available to download and use however you want.

With open source, you don't have to worry about future licensing fees as it will always be free.

You can use open source software on as many desktops, notebooks and servers as you like.

There are open source alternatives to most applications you use every day, although they may not be well published.

A leading bank switched from using MS Office to an open source office suite and saved about a hundred crores rupees! So you too can save by using open source.

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