Baby Falak dies

Baby Falak
Baby Falak is dead of a heart attack, according to reports out of New Delhi.

The two-year-old had been undergoing treatment at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi since Jan. 18, when a teenager claiming to be her mother had her admitted to the hospital. The child had a fractured skull, bruises and human bite marks all over her body at the time.

The teen claimed the baby had fallen out of her bed, but doctors concluded the injuries were consistent with having her head smashed against a wall, her face bitten, and her chest burnt with an iron. The teenaged girl was detained and put in a foster home.

Falak had come to be known as India's miracle baby, after surviving five surgeries and two heart attacks while in hospital. In fact, doctors had said last Wednesday that Falak was ready to be discharged.

"Falak is fit to be discharged and she needs to be moved out of hospital as soon as possible, or else there are chances for her to get hospital-based infections," Deepak Agrawal, assistant professor of neurosurgeon at AIIMS, told local media.

A team of more than 10 doctors had been closely monitoring Falak's health since mid-January.

Investigations in India found that Falak was the biological daughter of a poor 22-year-old woman who had come under the influence of a prostitution ring in Delhi. A man named Rajkumar Gupta was arrested in February in what Delhi Police have confirmed is a human-trafficking case.

Falak and her two siblings were allegedly taken from their mother and separated, given to different people associated with the ring. According to police, Falak's most recent custodian was Rajkumar's 14-year-old girlfriend. Ten people have been arrested in the case, including a woman named Pratima who allegedly gave Falak to Rajkumar.

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