Jokes of the Day - 2

A Woman is completely harmless and does not believe in violence, She is like angel,The most mannered human being in the world.
her nail polish dries..
There are two times in a man's life when he does not understand women.....once before marriage and the other ...... after marriage!
An insect falls into a mug of beer.Englishman :Throws mug away and walks out American :Takes insect out and drinks the beer Chinese :Eats the insect and throws the beer Indian :Sells the beer to American ,insect to Chinese and gets a new mug.Pakistani :Accuses the Indian for throwing insect into his mug.Relates issue to Kashmir.Asks the Chinese for Military aid.Takes loan from the American to buy one more mug.
In USA,a machine was invented 2catch thieves;dey took it 2 different countries for testing..... In UK,in 30mins it caught 50 thieves.In SPAIN,in 30mins it caught 110 thieves...... In INDIA,in 15mins the machine was stolen
Tintumon went to his Dad's Friend's home late night.
Uncle offered him to Sleep in Baby's room.
Tintumon refused because the Baby might Cry at Night and went to sleep in the drawing hall.

Next morning he saw a Beautiful young Girl at the breakfast table,Tintumon : Who are you?

The girl replied,"I am Baby and You??"

Tintumon : I am a Stupid!!!

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