The most pathological word invented till date.

According to Oxford Dictionary it means: The ability to share or arouse another's emotions or sensations; pity or tenderness towards a sufferer to increase liking for each other.

So, converse of this simply means: Who does not show sympathy instantly becomes a subject of disliking for the sufferer. (Every thing in this manifested universe can coexist with its polar opposite like a shadow. So, to understand anything the opposite also is to be considered).

Human behavioral science says that sympathy inflates the ego of sufferer as well as of sympathizer.

Eg. (i). A child fakes sickness to get sympathy of parents to get food/ toy choicest gifts/sick leave from the school.
(ii). Adults fakes sickness, wife/ Husband fakes sickness, modern relationship follows the same art to get sympathy and favours. You can take hundreds of examples from your daily life.

(iii) Latest research in medical science opines, patients with less sympathy recuperates faster and precisely that is the reason why visitors time in hospitals is being reduced and also you can not bring anything for patients except medicines.

There was an incidence in the life of Gautama the Buddha. A poor old blind woman came to take the blessings so that her eyesight is restored. The Buddha asked his doctor disciple to check her eyes but did not offer any sympathy. The woman became angry and said that I have come to you for your sympathy and blessings. I dont have any problem with my blindness. Whole village looks after me and my daily needs and I am the oldest and most respectful widow of this village. Gautama the Buddha smiled and convinced the poor old lady to check her eyes. Obviously the lady could not refuse in front of the villagers and thousands of the Buddhas disciples.

Ultimately her blindness of so many years was cured. And the disciple doctor thanked Gautama the Buddha for his wisdom and apt action as her blindness might not be curable after one year.

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