Waterbuck scares off hungry Lioness(Never Give Up)


Sometimes no matter how loud you roar, it just isn't scary enough, as this African lioness found out in a Kenyan national reserve.
She spotted a water buck bathing in the cool water and deciding he was going to make an easy meal, she edged her way up to the side of the pond.
As she approached the brown, antlered animal, he looked up and surprisingly did not back away.
A stony stand-off ensued, with both animals staring at each other, refusing to budge - the lioness bared her teeth, but the water buck put forward his horns.
Suddenly he decided to pounce and charged at the Lioness, with his lethal horns first.
With a split-second pause, she whipped around and sprinted up the grassy bank to safety - although she was lucky not to have been caught on his antlers which can reach up to 40 inches (101cm).
The water buck is generally a quiet and sedentary animal, although males do compete for and hold territories as this shaggy-haired animal showed.
Despite its name, the animal is not truly aquatic and does not make tend to spend too much time in water and swamps.
It does, however, take refuge there to escape predators, which may explain why the animal was in the pond in the first place.
The bravado stand off took place in Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, which lies about 270 kilometers (167 miles) from the country's capital Nairobi.
The African Lioness was a Panthers Leo and females are usually responsible for most of the hunting, while the male of the species have earned the King of the Jungle title.
They consume a wide variety of prey, from wildebeest, impala, zebra, giraffe, buffalo and wild hogs to sometimes even larger beasts such as rhinos and hippos.

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