Great Pictures of Corinth Channel

Corinth Channel is a unique place where you can observe both the Aegean and the Ionian seas.

The idea to build a channel existed since the ancient times. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Caligula all had plans to dig the channel and Nero even started the construction works in 67 A.C. but they interrupted by the emperor's death in 69 A.C. So the channel was constructed only in the late XIX century by French engineers when the government of Greece commissioned the works.

Apart from creating a transport shortcut, the Corinth Channel also became a local landmark attracting tourists from all over the world.

The channel is 6343 m (20,810 ft.) long, its width ranges from 25 to 21 m (82 to 69 ft.) and the height from its topmost points to the surface of the water is 90 m (295 ft.). The water in the channel is 8 m (26 ft.) deep.

The proportions of the Corinth Channel make it look as a deep canyon. Large cruise ships can pass it only with a towboat.

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