The path between wanting and having is doing.
To stop just Wanting, and begin having, then start doing.

 The greatest, most well-conceived plans are worthless if
They're not acted upon. If it's going to happen, someone
Must make it happen.

 All sorts of outstanding opportunities are open to the
Person who is willing to take action. Be that person, take
That action, with commitment and persistence, and reap the
Valuable rewards of fulfilling those opportunities.

 You don't have to be a world-renowned genius to be smart
Enough to take action. You don't need anyone's permission to
Act on your dream.

 You must simply do it. Figure out what has to happen and
Take complete responsibility for making it happen.

Anything you truly desire is within your reach.  Simply
Stand up, lift up your commitment, lift up your spirit, lift
Up your arms and do precisely that -- reach.

 ~Ralph Marston~

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