Never give up

You will never regret genuine kindness.
you will never regret making the most of
whatever is available to you.

Though it maybe painful at the time,
you will never regret being truthful.
and you will never regret giving your
best effort to whatever task at hand.

You will never regret the time you spend
with those you love. and whether ot not it is
appreciated, you will never regret giving a
helping hand those in need.

You will never regret taking time to enjoy life's beauty.
you won't regret the time you take to learn.

When face with difficult situation,
You will never regret choosing most positive way forward.
and even though they will demand much of you, you will not
regret taking on the meaningful challenges.

Live true to who you are, and trute to your highest possibilites.
Though you won't avoid all of life's difficulties, you can avoid the
painful regrets.

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