Believe it or not( 1)

Worlds Largest Mouth  Francisco Domingo Joaquim

 Worlds Longest Nose  Mehmet Ozyurek, Turkey

Worlds Biggest Eyes  Kim Goodman

 Worlds Longest Ears

Worlds Longest Eyebrow  Leonard Traenkenschuh

Worlds Longest Moustache  Badamsingh Juwansingh Gurjar, India
 Worlds Longest Beard  Sarwan Singh, India.
 Worlds Longest Ear Hair  Radhakant Bajpai, India
 Worlds Longest Hair  Chenq 'Rapunzel' Shiquin
 Worlds Biggest Head  Andre The Giant

Worlds Longest Neck  Padaung Women

Worlds Biggest Hand Palms  Leonid Ivanovych Stadnyk

Worlds Longest Fingernails  Lee Redmond

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