It is human nature to blame upon something outside ourselves and try to set right other people, not ourselves. It is a lie if we say that the world is bad and we are good. Be a man. Stand up, lay the blame on yourself. You will find that it is always true. Get hold of yourself says Vivekananda.

The world can be good and pure only if our lives are good and pure.
If we perfect the means, the end will take care of itself.
It is the perseverance which helps in achieving the goal.

Disraelis first speech in the British parliament was a big joke in which he asserted that one day he would be the prime minister of England.
But it was his resolve that the time will come when you will hear me which drove him towards the premiership, his goal.

Diamonds are only chunks of coal,That stuck to their jobs, you see;If they had petered out, as most of us do,Where would the diamonds be?

Whenever you think you have come to the end, and you are beaten as bad as can be, remember that diamonds are chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs, you see.
The one attitude essential for character is faith in oneself.
I can deliver the good is the perfect attitude.On the contrary, cynicism is a dangerous disease and we should dread this.

In the attempt to achieve success, we may fail due to many reasons.We may recall that Ford forgot to put the reverse gear in his first automobile.
Edison once wasted two million dollars on the invention which failed.Remember, critics are no players. Those who attempt many things are also likely to commit mistakes.

Be discontented

It is only the lower animals which are satisfied just by eating, sleeping and procreating.
The germ of greatness is discontentment. Lives of great men invariably indicate activity and restlessness.
The urge to seek more and more is essential for any significant progress.
To be successful in life, one has to develop the winning attitude.
This winning attitude is not the result of any privileged environment, high IQ, superior education or unusual talent.
It is not even a matter of luck.
The key to success is the right attitude.
The rewards depend on the contribution made.
As you sow, so you reap.
We must therefore take the credit or blame for our place in life.

Adversity and failures in our lives should be viewed as corrective feedback.
They then serve to develop in us immunity against the adverse responses to stress.
The best way to adapt to the many stresses of life is simply to accept them as normal.
The talent and potential gifted to us by God should be used fully towards this purpose that makes us feel worthwhile.
Losers among us let life happen to them and winners make it happen.

Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid- so says Basil King (see- the conquest of fear).
Boldness is no exhortation to be reckless or foolhardy.
But it should be a conscious, deliberate decision to arouse energy, skill, sound judgment, creative ideas and even physical strength.
It has been proved that boldness can create a state of emergency and the human organisms respond proportionately.
It is interesting to note that the laws of physics concerning momentum are applicable to human lives also.
The harder we apply ourselves on a job, the greater would be the chances of success and lesser would be the chances of being hurt as momentum equals to eight times velocity.
Although the weight is less, if the speed is more, the resultant momentum would be high.
Decisiveness and boldness are the essential prerequisites for success in any sphere of life especially in the business world.
On the contrary, if we are preoccupied with security, our willingness to take chances would be weakened.
Initiative should be the instinctive response to non availability of material comfort and resources.
In a nut shell
To summarise, it may be said that if we have to be successful in any of our endeavors, the following points have to be remembered.
Career should be carefully selected to suit the person.
Challenging tasks should be rehearsed properly.
Insistence should be on results and not perfection.
Risks should be taken whenever occasion demands.
Individual self potential should not be underestimated.
There should be an urge to better individual performances.
Work should be interspersed with social, personal and other demands.
Perseverance is essential.

Thus, we can see that life provides us with what we deserve.

We should have faith in ourselves and the divine grace and proceed to conquer the world after conquering our minds.

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