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We already had one fascinating story about a slimming down, the guy has managed to lose about 400 lbs.
And here’s a woman from Russia named Svetlana, after one year and a half she lost nearly 155 lbs. And she deserves respect because it wasn’t that easy for her.
First, she started to walk every day for 1 km, later – 5 km, another step was going to the gym.
But the most stunning thing is her diet:
Breakfast: 2 eggs, or a piece of cheese, or porridge, a piece of black chocolate or a spoon of honey, coffee without sugar.
Second breakfast: half of a pomegranate, green tea.
Lunch: boiled lean meat, fish or a chicken breast, fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil, green tea.
Snack: a handful of shelled seeds, green apple, grapefruit or pomegranate.
Dinner: green tea.
Now let's look at the fruit of her efforts.

October, 2007. 279 lbs

One month later. 236 lbs (-43 lbs)

December, 2007. 215 lbs (-64 lbs)

April, 2008. 180 lbs (-99 lbs)

 July, 2008. 152 lbs (-127 lbs)
September, 2008. 135 lbs (-144 lbs)

August, 2008. 140 lbs (-139 lbs)

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