‘BLACK TIGER’ (Ravindra Kaushik)

Ravindra Kaushik (1952-2001) the real ‘BLACK TIGER’ a former RAW agent.

Ravindra Kaushik was born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan in the year 1952.He was a good theater artist. During a national level drama presentation he came in contact with RAW, the Indian intelligence agency. He completed his graduation at the age of 23. After graduation Ravindra Kaushik Joined RAW.

In 1983 he was caught and

sentenced to death for spying. Later his death sentence was converted into life time imprisonment. India already fought with Pakistan and China. Pakistan was preparing for another war against India. When Indian army got this information, they sent Ravinder Kaushik to Pakistan as Indian Spy with the help of RAW.

There Ravindra Kaushik took admission in Law College and completed his graduation in Law and then after learned Urdu also. After completing graduation, he joined Pakistani Army as an officer and went up being promoted to the rank of 'Major'.. He fell in love with a local Pakistani girl and married her. In Pakistan he spied with new name Nabi Ahmed. He was the 'Black Tiger' of RAW . Some say it was rewarded by India's then home minister S.B. Chavan while others testify that the Title was conferred by then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.

He was in Pakistan Army from 1979 to 1983 and during this tenure he dispatched valuable information to RAW which was of great help to the Indian defence mechanism. But unfortunately Ravindra was caught by Pakistan. They put him in jail where he was tortured. In the 1985 he was awarded death sentence which was subsequently converted into life imprisonment. Kaushik remained in various jails from where he somehow sent letters which revealed the pathetic health condition and the trauma faced by him in Pakistani jails. Ravindra Kaushik spent 18 years in Pakistani jails, where he contracted Asthma and TB. He died on 21 November 2001 in a jail at Mianwali. He was buried behind that jail.

He spend 30 years of his life away from his home and family in Pakistan in very unfavourable conditions, only because of his love for the Nation that is India. Indian army killed more than 50 soldiers of Pakistani army in Pahalgaon because they fought with the strategy send by Ravindra Kaushik.

The much hyped Salman Katrina starrer has gathered a lot of controvesy as the promos draw a startling similarlity with this Former RAW agent’s life story. Vikram Vashishtha, nephew of Late Ravindra Kaushik even slammed a leagal notice to the production company. But the production house & the director told the media that “Ek Tha Tiger” is about him.

Whatever the truth is now we do know who the real TIGER was. Kudos to Late Ravindra Kaushik, a real patriot of Mother land who even left his true Indentity behind to serve his nation.

Respect & Salute!!!!

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