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Shame on Indian Paid and Coward Media

Must read by each and every Indian to know the real face of India Paid Media


One sure way to get the wrong answer is by asking the wrong questions.  

That's how Media hijacks public discourse, by asking biased questions. The beauty of a question is, that a question is an allegation that was never made. 
Is Arvind Kejriwal arrogant? Has Team Anna lost it's way? Is Kejriwal too ambitious? Is Anna Hazare surrounded by wrong people ? 
And when it's about Chidambaram after he was made FM, Do you think Chidambaram would bring back good times!!! Do you think Rahul is ready to be PM? 
It's impossible not to see the bias. 
Asking wrong questions, that's how Media has subtle but slowly maligned Team Anna by repeating the same biased questions. BECAUSE A QUESTION REPEATED OVER TIME, BECOMES A STATEMENT! 

The way you frame the debate decides it's outcome. 
Like, if u set the debate as,  Pranab Mukhrerjee. Elevated to President or Rendered politically Impotent? Did Pranab Mukherjee pay the price for signing that dissent note against Chidambaram in 2G scam. Was he cut in size because sections in the ruling party don't find him as loyal as PC ? 
You frame your Prime time debate like this, do coverage on these lines for days, you would have reduced the President to a Joke.. 
Kapil Sibal reduced Reliance's fine from 500 to 5 crores. Did he take Kickbacks? 
Why did Salman Khursheed defend Swan and Loop in 2G scam? 
Why don't you set up topics like this at Prime Time? 
Isn't it ironic, the only people the media has questioned about the irregularities of the 15 ministers are Team Anna members?

Has Team Anna lost credibility?  The crowd's ain't as big as they were last year? 
Well check your TRP's. Even they won't be as big as they were last year in August! 
Should we assume the credibility of Media has also faded ?
Arnab Goswami asked on News Hour on the 3rd day of fast, "Only 5000 people today?" 
Sir, Govt. ne permission hi 5000 logon ki di thi! 

When Anna was fasting, the whole media was questioning, why aren't Bedi and Kejriwal on a fast. Now when he is on a fast. Oh He wants to project himself. He is too ambitious!  
Is Kejriwal too ambitious ? 
No body asked in Niira Radia tapes, Is Barkha Dutt too ambitious? 
Media never questioned it's own ambition, when it went all out selling Rahul Gandhi as the Youth Icon of the country. Would it be fair to say that some media people acted like PR agents just to earn a few Padam Shri's? 
With Team Anna, you say it's responsibility of a good journalist is to be Skeptical ? Wow! Where was media's skepticism when a certain madam was busy shuttling across Europe last year? 
Funny Media never questioned Sibal's ambition when he said, 2G mein zero loss hai.
You never questioned Manmohan Singh's ambition to stay PM when he stayed silent on all the scams. 
Is Kejriwal ambitious? No! Honest people can't afford to be ambitious. Because being honest is a liability in Public Life. And the media's recent behaviour is a testimony they know it best. 

Media wants us to believe, Kejriwal has politicial ambitions. This Anti corruption thing is a sham. 
Ya, Right! 
I mean, Here is a person who meets all the top lawmakers in the country, eminent Judges, Legal Eagles, people from CBI, meets politicians, is insulted at so many places for his misplaced idealism. spends years studying the Indian Law, comes up with a draft of a bill which in his opinion can reduce corruption. 
Till now there is no Anna Hazare in the picture, then Kejriwal says, Oh now let me find a guy who can fast for me, we will sit on a fast where 300 people come and that's how I will become famous and push my political agenda!!! 
Ya that's how people have made political parties in the past!!!! 
It's worth remembering that it was Chidambaram who made them big by arresting Anna! So may be PC had political ambitions for Kejriwal! 
Oh Kejriwal ka kuch to laalach hoga! Just because you can't conceive of a life beyond that of personal accomplishment, Is it Kejriwal's fault? 
Why should his ambition be limited by the narrowness of other's people imagination? 
Did Martin Luther King have political ambitions ? Did Galileo had political ambitions when he fought for his beliefs agains the anarchy of the Church? Team Anna is fighting for us. Slaves of 21st century. And rather than admiring their sacrifice, we are busy triviliazing their ambition!
Even if Team Anna were to form a political party, it will be only because you left them with no option! 
So being political for them is not an Ambition, that's the worst case scenario! 

The other allegation is, Team Anna is acting holier than thou. 
They themselves have allegations. One question media was asking , when ED, CBI, IT were busy raiding Team Anna was, shouldn't Team Anna be subjected to the same scrutiny as the Politicians. 
Fine, but why was Dr. Trehan raided. Just for taking care of Anna. here is a person who has served as a personal surgeon of President since 1991, who has been awarded Padma Bhushan. . And now just because he took care of Anna, you raid the person you had honored earlier?  
Which Parliamentary previlage did Dr. Trehan breach by treating Anna Hazare? 
If you thought he had financial irregularities, why was he awared the Padma Bhushan in the first place? 
Ironic, our objective editors like Barkha, Rajdeep, Sagarika, Arnab never mentioned that bit to the Public. Because it would have exposed the Govt. agenda. 
Why didn't you ask, why is the 18th most powerful women acting so scared? 
Isn't it ironic that the  Godmother of the world's biggest democracy is so terrified of a LITTLE DEMOCRACY?

When the Team Anna people were being harassed, 
Barkha Dutt famously asked, Shouldn't Team Anna members be put to the same standards of scrutiny as their Public counterparts?
Funny, now the same media is quiet on SIT. Speak of applying same standards.
The proof of shameful double standards is the fact that, the only person to have gone to jail in the last one year is Anna Hazare! 
Also speaking of same standards. Kejriwal has paid the tax which IT officials said was due. Is the Govt. prepared to pay back 70,000 crores of the CWG money? 
Prashant Bhushan has been charged with a evasion of duty of a crore. This is a man who is responsible for the cancellation of 2G licenses. He has given the country a chance to recover the loss of 1,76,000 crores. That's about the worth of Mukesh Ambani. That's 3 % of countries GDP. You could wipe out half the countries fiscal deficit with that amount. 
And here is Indian Media going on about questioning Prashant Bhushan based on allegations in a CD, which was proved to be fake by an independent lab. Why doesnt't the Media ask the HM to come on record and clarify, " Why did the HM not allow that independent lab report to be published! Who ordered the fabrication of the CD in the first place
It's astonishing the venom Media has for people like Prashant Bhushan. In any other country, people like him would have been celebrated as NATIONAL HEROES! 
Kiran Bedi inflated invoices, Par in logon ki to CWG ki invoices hi gaayab hain! Adarsh ki files gaayab hain. 
She returned the amout that was due, Would you dare ask the ruling party to return the 4% kickbacks which were being discussed in the SCORPENE deal ? 
So let's not talk about same standards, People in parliament won't be able to match them. 
And if you have such high standards that you consider people like Prashant Bhushan corrupt, then people like PC in your opinion must be financial terrorists. Funny you always projects him as a victim of a smear campaign in 2G. A Reformer. 
Tell this to a person who hasn't heard of PARTICIPATORY NOTES! 
Yahan 4 logon ne milke poori stock market fix kar li, and media seems bothered about spot fixing in IPL.
Why don't you discuss that on prime time. Participatory Notes: Reform or Scam! 
Well Sorry Media, we can't use the word reform for a scam! 
Funny anything this govt. does is a reform. 2G was done for Cheap call rates, Coal Scam for cheap power. 
It's like saying, laloo did the chara gothala for cheap milk!! 

Mr. Kejriwal has been blamed for using calling ministers with serious charges corrupt. He was then asked to appear in a court in Bulandshahar to explain the same. 
Imagine if Lord Ram was alive today aur unhone Raavan ko PAAPI bola hota, to instead of fighting the war, he would have been busy answering notices in courts as to how could he use UNPARLIAMENTARY language for RAAVAN. And Media instead of probing raavan would have been questioning Ram.
Salman Khursheed keeps saying, Parliament is a temple. 
Tabhie log Nuclear deal mein bakayada chadawa leke pahunch jaate hain! 

A 10000 MW Nuclear Plant is being imported in Jaitapur for a cost of 2 Lakh crore. 4 times the cost of the coal powered plant of the same capacity . At this cost this Nuclear Energy would turn out to be more expensive than even the solar and wind counterparts. 
How come no body is skeptical about such obvious contradictions in public policy?
Should we not ask if there were kickbacks involved in the deal with the French government?  
Where was Media's skepticism when PMO gifted coal mines to underwear companies, and Gutka companies?

A few days back very eminent lawyer Harish Salve accused Arvind Kejriwal of causing policy paralysis in the govt.
With due respect Mr. Salve, 2G isn't a policy, CWG wasn't a policy, KG wasn't a policy. 
But Mr. Salve might have his reasons for supporting such policies. Because he fought the KG gas pricing case for RELIANCE in the SC. 
A case where Prabhu Chawla told Niira Radia that both Ambani brothers are trying to fix the SC judgement!
The same Radia tapes where Ranjan Bhattacharya admitted to Niira Radia about Mukesh Ambani telling him, "Haan yaar, Ab to Congress apni hi dukaan hai!"
CAG later said, Govt. goldplated the costs by 35,000 crores in KG! 
Shouldn't the media be skeptical of such lawyers on news panels, especially the ones who represent such corporate interests like Reliance? 
Isn't it obvious what their response to Jan Lokpal will be, irrespective of it's merits? 

Media is even ready to discuss if Team Anna is backed by Foreign power. Why don't you ever discuss the connections of Sharad Powar with Dawood Ibrahim?
When Abdul Karim Telgi was asked to name the Politicians involved in Stamp Paper scam under the NARCO TEST. He said, "I can't! I fear for my Life. Later he named Sharad Pawar!" 
When he was told later, that he had named Pawar, He went back on his statement. 
Why didn't you ask pawar then, Sir under what pressure did Telgi backtracked from his statement ?

A person has confessed to Sharad Powar's name in a Test recorded under TRUTH SERUM on Video. And that's fine. But Fake CD's of Prashant Bhushan are enough to convince media that Mr. Bhushan is corrupt. 

Earlier it was about Jan Lokpal, now it's about SIT Have they lost their way? 
I think the question that needs to be asked is, Do you think Indian Media would support Team Anna in their demand for SIT against 15 ministers. 
With names of eminent journalist featured in lobbying in Niira Radia tapes. Do you think the Media would want a SIT on Chidambaram in 2G? 
With prominent media houses having mining interests. Do you think Media would support a SIT on a minister accused in illegal mining? 
Do you expect Media to allow SIT on Sibal who benifited Reliance? Won't that hurt their advert revenue. 
After selling Rahul as youth icon and demonizing modi for years. Do you think Media would support a SIT which might lead to fall of govt. jeopardizing the dream they shared with their youth icon? 

I am not saying Indian Media is sold out. Because let's be fair, PMO doesn't need to pay them to shut them up. because that will be like showing too much respect. 
Politely telling them to not cover Telangana and Team Anna over tea sounds more plausible :) 
In all probablity PMO treats the media the exact same way they treat the CBI and the rest of the country. You are free to do what we tell you to. 
In any case, Thanks again to the News Media for everything. Ofcourse you are entitled to your opinion and I might be wrong, but in either case,  I have a small request though. If you can't support the movement. Atleast don't discredit it! On Sunday thousands of people are moving across the Jantar Mantar, with about 8,000 sitting in the front. 
The total footfall during the day would have been easily more than a Lakh. Media conveniently forgot to mention the people who were in a flux via Jantar Mantar!!! and reported only the sitting attendence. 
You don't expect media to make totalling mistakes like Kapil Sibal. 
So if you can't support the movement, Please don't discredit it. 
Because if following govt. line was your idea of journalism.  You could have all worked at Doordarshan and Rajya Sabha TV. Why did you even bother opening your own news channels ? 

And finally something for all of us to introspect!  
Some people say, Fasts are getting frequent, people are getting tired.
Yaar, Fast Team Anna kar rahi hain, Tired aap log ho gaye ?
Funny, we didn't get tired of watching IPL 60 days an year, living a life of fear, Keeping quiet against the establishment like slaves. 
and Now when a few people have gives us a Voice. We are too tired to speak. Because it's the third time in a year we have been asked to stand up and be counted! 


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  1. No Annaji-Arvind! Do not involve in politics. In near future you both will also not get majority in a state or Central. Drop the idea to form a political party. Winning in elections is far bigger tasks and requires lot of money too. You see Congress have also managed to play with voting machines example Chidambaram. Also, there are different factors like caste system which many people still see while voting. This is really unfortunate but true. All evil elements will join your party and the result will be like Samajvadi party or Bahujan Party. Samajvadi. UP has tasted their rule. People of Bihar have also tasted the Lalu’s party. We are judging the Congress and BJP also.Communists have lost their labour capital. TMC leader has no ground to stand. Mamata banerjee is not dependable. In south there are only regional parties. Remember that No one has seen any reformist, social worker or political thinker who might have had formed any political party. The day you will form political party all good persons will start maintaining distance from you. Your aim is reforms and to have a lokpal for general public to curb corruption. Baba Ramdev has an aim to bring back black money. Formation of a political party by you will be anti climax. Even to day when you have not formed political party members from your team are fighting in between. It is not only the politics through which any goal can be achieved. Do not be laid away by the environment being made by Congress lest you will be kept on back burners and your purpose of formation of Lokpal Act and bringing back black will be defeated. Abstain from such temptation. Winning in elections is far bigger tasks and requires lot of money too. You see Congress have also managed to play with voting machines. eg: Chidambaram and many others. I have always supported movement against corruption. However I really think you should not join Politics.