Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Say No to Bribe (Real Life Experience)

Hi All, 

I think sharing experience may be motivating for all of us, here is the live experience:

1. Train Incident 

Date 20/08/2012 

(Me and my friend) We missed our reserved train Delhi to Bangalore (Sampark Kranti) due to Sonia Gandhi visit, Traffic was stopped for 30 Minutes and we missed our train. 2 hours later, We boarded another same rout train in sleeper class with general tickets in the hope of upgrading. For upgrading tickets TC took Rs 350 and gave us only Rs 178 receipt per ticket. When asked about this Golmal he was showing busy and eventually started fighting. We asked him to give either receipt of complete 350Rs or return our money back; then a group 2 TCs and 3 RPF jawans gathered in support of that TC and started arguing. We told them we have not committed any crime/offence and being active citizens and Anna’s follower, we won’t entertain bribery. It was a very long journey (around 40 hours) so we were little tensed that what if it all goes against us, what if they don’t give us berth, what if something unknown and bla bla But we thought of our struggle of last one and half years against corruption and got a clear idea that we have to oppose this TC used his all tricks to get us scared like 10 times penalty, not giving berths. 

We clearly told them that we are going to file a complaint against the TC. Then they accepted their mistake, upgraded to sleeper and offered an apology, we requested a hearty commitment from their side ‘not to involve in corruption anymore, else apology have no meaning. Suddenly people around started speaking and It was amazing to see the support we got from other passengers in the train.

Initially public said “arre railway mein aise hi chalta hay, thhoda adjust karlo”, and all, but when we strongly opposed and said “Kab Tak” how long we are going to keep quiet about corruption, wherever, whenever, whoever see the corruption just raise your voice. The problem is nobody bothers to speak when somebody is being victimized of corruption. We need to make each-other feel that we are united against corruption, and nobody can harass you.

We have to break the chain somewhere, as we are also part of this and I declare I will not be part of this, I break the chain, I break my silence. 

They do not consider it bribe but money/tip against helping and facilitating people. At the same time they revealed mostly they are provoked by the public to do so. In the end I folded my hands and pleaded them to join the country’s fight against corruption, Then he praised Anna and complained about railway system like we are short of TCs, RPF. We tried and made them understand that corruption can be removed only if it comes from our heart. It was amazing to see people were greeting and meeting us.

People were saying “Yes you guys are right, good to see people like you; they mentioned they also want to contribute in Anna’s movement. A hope could be seen easily in their eyes and ours also   Then whole compartment was familiar with us; topic of each group was Anna, Scams and corruption, I was smiling. Many people came to clear doubts about Anna’s Political Party announcement and they were convinced. We were like a heroes in their eyes and they started taking our numbers and invited us to their places. 
Our whole Idea was to make people aware and send a message that Corruption shouldn’t /won’t be tolerated anymore by Aam Admi, which was accomplised by God grace. 

Jay Hind!!! 
Vikram Raghuvanshi
Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/iac-bangalore/real-life-experience-say-no-to-bribe/282080875238828

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