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Nitin Gupta

Subject: Regarding your 27 questions to Arvind Kejriwal. 
Dear Sir,

I love you, and I believe we have something in common. Our love for the first family! Especially for Indira Ji, I adore her so much that I was even born in an 'EMERGENCY' WARD! It’s almost a cosmic connection with the first family :)
Now that I have your acceptance, I just want to say that Sir, I am a huge fan of yours. I also feel very lonely. Sometimes I wonder if both things are inter-connected ?

Sir you are a beacon of loyalty in this selfish world. You are so loyal, sometimes I wonder if you deserved a birth in some other specie. At least in that specie your loyalty would have been rewarded with a few hugs and kisses and some love. Unlike today where your masters distance themselves from your statements at will. Sometimes I feel personally hurt at the way you are treated.
Oct 18th High court orders a CBI inquiry against you. Next day you had to indulge in PDA (Public display of affection or Italian Kiss as it’s called) by calling Kejriwal Hitler and sending him a questionairre. It’s a shame that not even a single cabinet minister came to your defense that day. Sir, seeing the way you are treated by your party makes me feel that Indian democracy is a delusion. I mean if Icons like you have to try so hard to hard to be heard, what about people like us ? Ants and Gutter-snipes ?

But seeing your composure, my respect for you grew manifold. You are so humble. I mean you have been one of the longest serving CM’s of the biggest state in the country and you still take orders from a Waitress! No wonder for a person who is so down to earth, a freelancer like Kejriwal comes across as a ‘self-serving megalomaniac’. Great that he couldn’t make it to the NAC headed by Madam G. Because let’s face it, How can one committee have two self-serving Megalomaniacs with a streak of Hitler!!!!

But this love letter is not about you, it's about the 27 questions you sent to Arvind Kejriwal.
Sir when I read your 27 CBSE level questions to a person who cleared JEE in pre coaching era, it gave me goose-bumps! Especially the one where you raised doubts about foreign funding of Kejriwal's NGO, where you asked.

"Did he use the funds of about Rs 2 crores that his NGO Parivartan got from Ford Foundation for the Anti corruption movement? What is the logical support the Anti Corruption movement got from US based NGO Avaaz that has been funding civil disobedience movement in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria ?

Let's say he did. Consider funds from Ford foundation as FDI! And going by your govt’s stand on FDI in every sector starting from Retail, to aviation to insurance, Shouldn’t Kejriwal be hailed as a reformer for bringing FDI in movement against corruption?

But you are clearly hinting like your other colleagues that it's a Foreign Conspiracy to destabilize the country! 
Arvind Kejriwal and 2 crore rupees worth of Foreign Grants! It’s indeed worrisome. More worrisome than having a cabinet minister who has ‘alleged’ links with Dawood Abraham and a Madam who has ‘alleged’ links with KGB. And they will remain alleged forever for alleged reasons. Because how can the people who make laws be ever found on the wrong side of the law ? Sir, I know you are a purist but please be gentle to Kejriwal. He had to take grants from Ford foundation, because DLF didn’t agree to give him an unsecured loan. Nor did he get any coal blocks for free. Nor did he have people like Telgi to print stamp paper like some of the people in your cabinet. So he was forced to take grants from foundations of ‘third-rate’ world citizens like HENRY FORD!

But since you are so apprehensive about money coming from abroad. I would urge you to do a money trail on Participatory Notes (PT’s). Wherein he literally legalized anomymous black money from Tax Havens into the Stock Market. 
PT's that our Finance Minister bulldozed despite massive resistance from senior people of SEBI and RBI! Not to mention, the ones who opposed met the same fate as Jaipal Reddy today. Even Manmohan Singh was worried about Participatory Notes in his IMF paper. Kindly do a money trail on some of those Participatory Notes. I hope it will take you to some familiar holiday destinations :)

For readers not knowing about PT's. This link could be a starting point.

But I agree with you that Kejriwal’s connections with US NGO Avaaz that was engaged in the civil disobedience movements in the Arab World raise some very serious questions, ironically not for Kejriwal, but for the GOI!
Okay let’s assume if what you are hinting is true, that Kejriwal is a US backed agent to catalyze the fall of Indian Govt. using the Anti corruption movement as a crutch! But the question is why would US indulge in something like that.

Because, Historically the regimes that US has toppled successfully/unsuccessfully are the ones which were not agreeing to the US backed Neo Liberal policies of privatizing key resources of the country. IMF-World Bank or the Washington Consensus as it’s called.. US did it in a CIA backed military coup in Chile, where they assassinated their elected president Salvador Allende on Sep 11, 1971 to install their puppet Pinochet.  Or the recent failed coup attempt against Hugo Chavez in 2001, the Iconic leader of Venezuela (the largest oil producing country in the world).
Or US-backed coup d'état overturned the regime in Iran to bring back foreign oil firms by installing the Shah back in 1950’s.
But then again, that’s in nations where US is not able to have it’s way.
As far as India is concerned, MMS has recently opened retail sector toing the US line. Nuclear Liability bill is a Joke. So why would US wants to topple a govt. which is doing everything Uncle Sam wants ?

Also comparisons to Arab Spring are wrong. Because the Arab Spring was a reaction to massive civil unrest, thanks to the repressive and corrupt dictatorial regimes spanning over decades. When those dictators could no longer be supported, because either the army or the business class turned their back on them, US pulled the plug. That has been a standard operating procedure. USE AND THROWBe it the Shah in Iran, Marcos in Philippines, Duvalier in Haiti, Mobuto in Congo and Suharto in Indonesia!  When those people become a liability, discredit them using the Media and have them removed to reboot the system under the same cliches of Installing democracy and restoring peace and human rights. It was done in recent war in Iraq and Libya and will be done in Syria and Iran post the US Presidential Elections of 2012. 

But, if you insist on drawing parallels between those countries and India. Are you admitting that like in these countries there is a massive civil unrest because of incredibly corrupt and repressive regime in India too?  Are you willing to admit, that like these countries India is also a dictatorial regime that is controlled by the United States. Are you prepared to put Madam G, Gaddafi, Assad and Mubarak on the same Pedestal ? And if the present regime were to be toppled, would you thank the US for spreading democracy in India. In any case Sir, I hope you know why you didn’t get answers to your questions. Because the onus of answering them lies on to you! Furthermore, if you are so scared of US backstabbing, why don’t you ask your Foreign Minister Mr. Salman Khurshid to ask Obama to take actions against the above mentioned NGO’s. May be Obama will be kind enough to order an investigation on both Aavaz and Khurshid’s NGO!
If you are so apprehensive of US govt. Foreign policy towards India, why did your party let Obama speak in the Indian Parliament, the so called temple of democracy that US is trying to destroy!

If you still think US is behind all this, then how incredibly naïve of the US, to pull of a regime change in a country of one billion with only 2 crores rupees! If that were possible, Regime change in Iraq won’t have costed 3 trillion dollars. It would have been just over in a few lakhs rupees! Further, If US was behind all this, rest assured Anna’s movement won’t have been peaceful!  Coup’s across History involve turning the population of the region against the establishment by choreographed violence by CIA. And then using the Media to blame the regime for the same! And finally when the leader refuses to resign, they would arm rebels, use the military and even send NATO as the last resort. If you could pull off coups with a handful of NGO’s! America’s Military spending would have been less than the GDP of Sudan!

But Sir, I agree with you that Kejriwal is Anti National! Can't blame him, can you. because it’s hard to be National in today’s times. To be National you need to destroy a National Airline like Praful Patel, Jeopardize National Security, like it was done in 2G by giving licenses to blacklisted companies like Etisalat, and by compromising on National Future Food Security by allowing companies like MONSANTO that have already destroyed so many farmer lives in India, and by signing on Nuclear Liability Bill that'a a Joke.

Also since when did GOI started caring about the National? If that was the case BT cotton seeds won't have been allowed in rain fed areas of Vidarbha leading to so many farmer suicides.
Seems like the only thing 'National' that the GOI cares about is the 'Multinational'
And the only Nation we live in is the Corporation!

Finally Sir, it’s an old trick. Painting someone who doesn’t tow your line as Anti National, colluding with foreign Interests. I would urge you to improvise and come up with better tricks.  

Also when you compare Kejriwal to Hitler, it’s just changing names in the age formula that govt’s use. Accuse the innocent person who exposes you of the same crime you stand guilty of! It's so rampant and so obvious, it's impossible not to see it.
Like Julian Assange was declared a 'terrorist' for exposing the Human Rights violations of the United States in Iraq.
Like Iran is now officially declared a ‘Nuclear Threat’ to Israel and US.
Like CAG was accused of exceeding it’s mandate for exposing how legislature is taking the country for a ride.
Poor People who fight against the land grab and burning villages and women being raped in Chhattisgarh are charged with SEDITION!
US toppling Elected Govt's in CIA backed Coup's are called exercise in 'Establishing Democracy'
And Kejriwal who has given voice to millions against the self-preserving megalomaniac leader of an Anarchist govt. is being accused of the very symptom he is fighting!
It's an old trick. It's called Langauge Jihad. 

I hope your concerns about Kejriwal hurting National stability are doused now.
A few disagreements apart, Once again Sir, let me admit, you are truly unbelievable. Because it’s hard to believe anything you say! And by the way, Since you appear so concerned, May be India’s biggest INTERNAL security threat is no Kejriwal, but the Indian Paramilitary in the heartland of the Nation trying to clear the land for mining rich corporations under the pretext of fighting Naxalites!!
And guess what our military didn't get funding from the Ford Foundation. They got funding from the GOI! 

P.S: Sir, I have only answered 3/27 questions. The rest of the questions are very simple. If you want their answers, just INTROSPECT! 

Warm Regards
Nitin Gupta.

The above letter can be downloaded from scribd


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