7 steps for quick weight loss

1. Buy a skipping rope
Skipping is a high-intensity exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere. You only need a few minutes to give your metabolic rate a serious jump start that will help you burn more calories for hours afterwards.

2. Replace all drinks with water
This includes alcohol! Hydration is an important factor in optimal health and weight loss. Liquid calories are also the easiest to over-consume as they don't fill you up. Water has zero calories and no additives.

3. Two minute workouts
When you wake up, and when you get home from work, do one to two minutes of plyometric exercises such as star jumps or burpees. Like skipping, they max out your heart rate and boost your metabolism in minimal time.

4. Cut the calories
Reduce calorie-dense complex carbs and protein by replacing half your meal with more salad and vegetables. They are naturally low in calories and high in fibre, so you will seriously reduce the total number of calories you are consuming.

5. Count your steps
Get yourself a pedometer and make sure you take at least 10,000 steps a day. You have to be active every day as well as exercising - not one or the other, both! Get up more often in the office and go for a walk during breaks.

6. Non stop for fat loss
Turn your weights session into a fat-loss super-circuit. Don't rest between sets. Do your exercises back to back with no rest, too, then jump on a bike for a two-minute cardio burn. Rest briefly, then repeat your circuit three times.

7. Stretch out your workout
It's the end of the week so get out for a slower but longer workout, such as a long power walk, gentle swim or bike ride. While intense exercise is great for incinerating fat, long slow workouts also have their place.

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