Rajinikanth Rocks Again

If Rajinikanth was born 200 years ago, the British would be fighting for independence.

Rajinikanth is the only person in the world who can make his girlfriend admit her mistake!

Skyfall is just the second half of the movie. In the first half, Rajinikanth kicks James Bond 36,000 ft into space.

Rajinikanth can cure cancer with his first aid box.

Only Rajinikanth knows why Mona Lisa is smiling.

The apple which fell on Newton was actually thrown by Rajinikanth!

An Email was sent from Pune to Mumbai. Rajnikanth stopped it at Lonavala.

The new Rupee symbol is actually Rajinikanth's signature!

Rajinikanth have decided to donate his eyes, . . . . . . .for NASA to make new HD telescope.

Rajinikanth can whistle in 5 different languages :-

Michael Jackson's moon walk is no match for Rajinikanth's Sun Walk

When Rajinikanth goes thru immigration, the officers show him their passports.

People give out Rajinikanth's Panchatantra book as prize to the winners of the fun events conducted at children's b'day parties these days.

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