Does GREEN TEA actually help weight loss???

“While green tea may boost metabolism; this is not enough to make one lose weight fast, unless people complement it with physical workouts and other alternatives".

While it is true that green tea is rich in flavinoids and that flavinoids have various health benefits, it is also true that black tea has theaflavins – also healthy, also supported by health studies. Further – “All the proven scientific benefits of green tea would hold true only if large quantities are consumed i.e. 8-10 cups/day which is not advisable. So the health benefits one gets out of consuming 2-3 cups/day are better bowel movements, prevention of gastrointestinal bacterial infections and better immunity provided fresh fruits and vegetables are a part of the daily diet. It is not advisable to take any concentrated supplements of green tea since the primary source of antioxidants should be natural foods, so drinking it as hot water flavored with green tea bags is good enough.

As far as frequency of green tea consumption is concerned, the habit of drinking too much tea should be avoided because too much of tea causes giddiness, sore throat, insomnia, blood impurity as well as paralysis. High tea consumption causes lethargy and headaches, and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome can be aggravated.

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