Double chin usually comes up with growing age. Genetic tendency, fat/fluid build-up and lack of exercise are the three main reasons for developing a double chin. A double chin can be avoided and lessened, without any medical surgery.

Preventing a double chin is an easy affair if you do the following:

Chin and neck specific exercises: Our necks become tight because of bad posture, sedentary lifestyle or desk work. Neck exercises work great for chin that is accumulating fat. You must always do simple exercise such as tilting head from side to side as far as head goes or tilting it forward and back to as far as it goes. Doing these exercise will make you feel a slight stretch. If you are feeling discomfort of any kind doing the neck exercise, go slow and build it up gradually.
Massage your chin and neck: Muscles of the chin and neck needs to be massaged everyday to avoid a double chin. It helps in blood circulation besides enhancing skin’s appearance.
Daily Exercises: Exercising everyday helps keep body in shape apart from ensuring that circulatory and lymphatic systems are working properly. It can be jogging for 10 minutes in a park or weight training at gymnasium; as long as you are stretching your muscles, you will prevent fat deposits including on your chin area.
Practice good posture: An incorrect posture may contribute to unnecessary lumps on your body. You should always check your posture (how you stand and how you sit), as fat seeks unfirm areas such as chin to settle in. Tip: Practice good posture or seek medical help to improve your posture.
Diet to get rid of double chin: Limiting your calorie intake will reduce the amount of fat you store in your body, including your chin. Eat fruits (especially apple, banana and berries), salad and low-calorie food items when hunger pangs strikes. Fat burning foods such as oatmeal, nuts and eggs must be incorporated in a diet chart to help your body avoid or get rid of fat deposits.
A double chin is an indicator of being overweight. It is time for you to make few lifestyle changes when you see a layer of fat developing around your jaw-line. Even if you are overweight by a little which is reflecting as a double chin, help it through diet and simple facial exercises.

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