Top 10 Ways To Trim Your Waistline Fast – Diet Plan

1. Eat at home: You should not to eat at convenience stores, fast food chains or in the break room at your office. All of these places are filled with mainly junk food. If we did nothing to avoid cold drinks, French fries and other such food items, we all would be a lot thinner. It would be a lot more easy to be in shape if you avoid these things and only eat at home.

2. Eat often: You should eat something every two or three hours while you’re awake. Not a full meal, but something. “Three squares a day” is an antiquated ritual, but this doesn’t mean you can’t eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. It just means that they shouldn’t be all-you-can-possibly-gorge affairs. Eating often keeps blood sugar levels stable, translating into more consistent energy levels.

3. Eat plants (Natural state): Plant foods are all abundant in fibre, which is something our diet tend to lack. Eating whole foods helps our bodies self regulate and brings pH levels into balance.

4. Drink water (no Mocktails): Your body needs a lot of water which is why you get thirsty. Drinking more than 1 aerated drink a day will make your diet unstable. It serves zero purpose and is purely junk. Even, I would advice you to stay away from these aerated drinks if you want a slimmer waistline.

5. Stay hungry: Well this is a metaphor. But literally you should not eat until you are hungry beyond a limit. Cutting off your meals early is a simple way of cutting out many superfluous calories. Don’t think that you can take 4-5 small meals in a day. If you are not hungry, you should avoid eating meal.

6. Eat Healthy fat: You will be surprised to know that one needs some fat to be healthy. There are 4 types of fat : saturated, monosaturated, polyunsaturated and trans fat. We need the first three in the right balance to improve health and even help us lose fat. Trans fats are those made my man. They are hazardous and guess where you find them?

7. Get enough Protein: Protein is found in abundance in meats, dairy products and legumes. Protein builds muscles and should make up between 15% and 30% of your diet. Because it’s hard to digest, it helps to get some each time we eat. Adding a bit of protein to each meal is enough to make your daily requirements.

8. Alcohol: I know, I know you know this. Still, many people tend to consider “drinking” is an activity that is separate from the rest of their diet. While this may be socially true, trust me, your body is noticing. Alcohol contains nearly twice the calories of proteins and carbs. It’s not terrible to have a glass of wine with dinner or a couple of beers every now and then. Alcohol serves no performance purpose other than, perhaps mental stimulation. Like cold drinks, it needs to be limited if you’re going to maintain a balanced diet.

9. Eat for what you do: Well one should eat that much only which one can digest. The biggest variables in your diet is the amount of carbohydrates that you consume. Carbs are for energy only. If you aren’t exercising you don’t need many. Carbs intake should vary between 40% when you’re not active or overweight to up to 70% when you’re on the go all day long.

10. Plan Ahead: Your diet will be smoother if you plan ahead. You should always plan for the next day. If there is party coming, you should try eating less few days before. This will compensate your body fat and you will not gain more fat.

These are the top 10 ways to trim your waistline fast.

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