Browser Extensions for solving crosswords, puzzles, games and Sudoku

I have created some Browser Add-on or Extensions to give direct access to puzzles/games/crosswords/Sudoku to users directly from their browsers. These Extensions can be downloaded and installed in browser as below

Chome Broswer Extensions

Chorme Add-on

Firefox Add-ons

IE Extensions:
I tried hard to create IE Extensions but there were always one or the other problems while installing it. So I gave up on IE and request my users to either use Chrome (Suggested) or Firefox and enjoy above mentioned browser extensions.

Also please do provide a good rating with your feedback for above mentioned extensions in the corresponding download pages. In case you want me to improve these extensions, please do provide your feedback here as your comments. I will do my best to implement your review comments.

In Case you have any issue with these extensions please do check following page for troubleshooting

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