Ease off your expectations a little!

Life just isn’t neat and trouble-free. We all have bad days. Sometimes people are rude or insensitive. Phone lines and computers occasionally break down.
When I met Ravi, he worked for a software development company. He described it as his first “real job.” He was young and had exceptionally high expectations. The problem was, many of his expectations weren’t being met. He wasn’t being treated with the degree of respect he wanted (or expected), and his ideas weren’t being taken seriously. He felt under-appreciated and taken for granted. He was frustrated and burned-out.

I suggested he lower his expectations and consider thinking of his job in a new way. I asked him to see his job as a stepping stone to bigger and better things later on. He took the suggestion to heart, and his world began to change for the better.

Make room in your heart for bad moods, mistakes, errors, and glitches. Instead of spending so much time being annoyed about the way things unfold, take most of them in stride. This will conserve your energy and, ultimately, make you more productive.
No matter how hard you try, life still isn’t always going to go as planned. One of the best ways to deal with this inevitability is to stop expecting it to be otherwise. So ease off your expectations a little. Then you won’t be easily disappointed.

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