Being Bliss part-22,23

When we take a decision, it has to be according to our capacity to face the situation. We need to take the decision with full awareness of our sanskars which can make it easy or difficult to implement the decision.

When we give decisions or ask others for decisions, it may go wrong. The one giving the decision is giving according to THEIR sanskars which may be completely different from the sanskars of the one implementing the decision. The right decision of the giver may be a failure for the one to whom it has been given.

Do not take decisions for others. Be detached and see all the probable consequences of their decisions. Show them all the options possible and leave the decision to them.

Make others aware of their sanskars which they are not using. Empower them to use their positive sanskars to face the situation, then they will take the right decision.

The more we ask others to take decisions for us, our own decision making power will reduce.
When the decision is ours, we put in more than our capacity to implement the decision. We do not blame anyone, instead take personal responsibility for the consequences of the decision and face them with power and stability.
If people ask us to do something, let us not do if FOR THEM. Always remember, they are important to us, their happiness matters to us, so we are doing it for the harmony in our relationship. Decision is for our happiness, not THEIRS.
However challenging the situation may be, the decision we take IS OUR CHOICE. We can never say “I had no choice”. The decision is ours, karma is ours, karmic account is ours and the return of the karma is our responsibility.

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