Reality Check

One of the important things that we may want to observe about life, is that “reality” is one but interpreted in different ways by different people.
It is your vision and attitude coming from your own interpretation what truly makes a difference.

Being alone is the time to know yourself.
Having a relationship is the time to know yourself.
Having a disease or being healthy are excellent times to know yourself.
Having a great day at the beach, is a great time to know yourself.

A religion says reality is “this and that.”
Our educational system mentions, “This is our reality.”
Marketing and publicity will make up their own reality.

The world is bad. No, the world is good. The world will be destroyed. No, it will not happen. Life is good. No, it is not that good.

Life is short… No, it is long enough.
I believe in this. You believe in that. My reality is this…. Your reality is that.

We ought to change the world.
There is nothing to change in the world.
We need to change ourselves… Why? What is wrong with me?

Many opinions. Many interpretations.
Who has the “true” truth?
Oh… you mean, what you believe to be God…
No… I know it is God.
Ahh! your reality…your belief... your idea… your opinion… your judgment… your truth… :-)

No! It is the truth!!!
Ok. Believers need to apply.

The world is an illusion… No! it is “real.”
The opinions go on and on...

As we realize the "game of reality" is a wonderful game!
In this game, we could contemplate how the day changes into the night without our help, automatically; then we could wonder: what could "I" do in life? How can "I" add some meaning to my boring/entertaining life? :-)
:-) Any ideas?

I am sure there are many ideas.
Here is mine: Enjoy the moment. Love and appreciate the sunsets of life. The dynamics of love resides in the art of enjoyment. That is all… :-)


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