Transforming violence

Violence is a way of living nowadays. There is violence in actions, in words, in thoughts… Violence comes with a force and whenever there is a “wall” inside us; that self-created personality known as ego, then that force of violence will hit the wall creating some damage. Obviously there is a “reply-back” a reaction when hurt, and that expands violence. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

The issue has always been that “wall.” Someone throws a stone at the wall. That wall will feel the impact when there is enough violence gathered, sufficient force. Nevertheless, that violence will come back to the originator with the same force and with all the violence gathered through the suffering of others in the path, that is when the “walls” of “others” have been damaged.

The beauty of evolved spirituality is to be able to transform that force rather than to feel the impact or to repress a reaction or a feeling in the name of “being good,” “holly,” a “saint.”

Mahesh was sharing with his friend Anand about this topic.

Mahesh: Violence requires of something or someone to be made, but when it passes through someone, then that violence is not trapped. That violence will transform into strength. Everything, has utility.

Anand: But that force is not violence?

Mahesh: Strength, not violence. It is the strength that you have when you climb a mountain. Strength is what the little “Bambi” has when he has to stand up on his own legs...

Anand: But, you say that this comes from violence?

Mahesh: You said that the surroundings are violent. That is a nutrient for those who know how to assimilate that nutrient.

Anand: Is this what is known as transformation or we let that force go through us by becoming “empty”?

Mahesh: First, you need to let it go through. That violence shouldn’t find anything inside you. Violence could find an echo in you and then a feeling of guilt will arise, but when there is no “wall” anymore, then the ball goes along without hitting anything...

Anand: And how that becomes strength then?

Mahesh: When it comes back... It is a “little push”… It will get back to the place of origin through the same path that it was sent…

Anand: And when it comes back, it does it with strength?

Mahesh: With great strength, my friend. But for that one who has let that force go through, it becomes a great push… The question is where?
Where you are focused… and if your focus is to enjoy... then... ohhh... Thank you for spitting on me!! Ohh.... Every time that you want I will be here.. ahhh!

Anand: That is the story of the Buddha who was spat by someone... That is another perception…

Mahesh: Isn’t that called pleasure?
Anand: Who enjoys?
Mathias: That one who was enjoying before; enjoys even more due to that little push…

Anand: But that does not mean to be “empty” only?

Mahesh: Emptiness is only temporary in a world of movement, but emptiness is important... it brings creativity.

Anand: To experience that enjoyment as the Buddha sounds fantastic, but it is just intellectual understanding. Most will merely do a performance, they will act to be “holly” but inside them there will be anger. But how do you get to that experience of enjoyment without acting?

Mahesh: What comes out from you towards life?
Anand: Now? It is appreciation, gratitude to be here…

Mahesh: Even for that one who tries to force you into something?

Anand: That is an experience that I wouldn’t like to go through...
Mahesh: Why my friend?
Anand: Because someone is forcing me to do something…

Mahesh: That means that there is wall ...
Anand: Yes… That is what I meant.. All of these things could be just theory…unless there is something that comes or happens in my conscience.. to take that wall away…

Mahesh: It is your decision...
Anand: Only a decision could make that happen?

Mahesh: Totally…
The day will come when you could say to that one forcing you… Thank you for being there, for I realize now that there is no violence in me... and you are the instrument for that.. Thank you!

Take the fear to feel away from you and you would have accomplished that.

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