You can't cheat death

A certain man was visited by Mr death.
Death knocked at his door.
When he opened the door he found death standing at the door.
"It is time to go" Death told the man after consulting the list in his hand.
"But.." replied the man "I can't die I have not yet fulfilled my plans."
"You see according to my list you are number one. And there are 100 more I need to visit this year" replied death uncompromising.
After much pleading to no avail the man succumbed.
"In that case" said the man "let me have my last meal before you take me."
Knowing that it was his last meal a very sumptuous meal was prepared and his visitor Mr. Death was invited to partake.
While they were eating. The man put sleeping pills in the drink of Mr death causing him to fall asleep.
While Mr death was sleeping the man quickly removed his name from being number one on the list and put it on number hundred.
When death woke up. He told the man that because he has been so generous to feed him instead of taking him as the first person on the list he will take number hundred.
So being the person on number one hundred the man died.
The moral lesson is that if death comes just accept because you can't cheat it.

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