Online Video Creation Tool: RenderForest Review

A few years back I created my puzzles blog Fun With Puzzles which is quite successful now. Last year I started my puzzle youtube channel, which again within very less time got a good response and I have around 2000 followers now on youtube. A few months back I thought to expand my youtube channel with a better quality video which contains intro to my channel. I was also looking for some animations to create some puzzle videos for my channel. 
Creating these things from scratch is very difficult and time-consuming. I started for some service provider which could create these things for me and then I stumbled upon
This is a great website which is a single stop for all my requirements. For creating the intro for my channel, they had hundreds of templates in which I just need to add a few lines of text and then automatically it create a great introduction to my puzzle channel. Look at the intro of this puzzle video to see how good the video RenderForest website can create. Creating this video just took me 5 minutes. You just need to click the Create Video link on the website as shown the picture below and you will be provided from hundreds of great templates and within next few minutes, you can create a downloadable video for your website.

Moreover, this website provides you to create logos. It uses the AI interfaces which will automatically create a great logo which will match with your business.
Now coming to Animations. It is very easy to create great animations on their website. You just need to select the pre-created animations and stitch them together to get a great animation video. 
Final Summary
I will definitely suggest this website for readers of this blog for the following reasons
1. Very Easy to Use Interface.
2. Easy to get Register at the website. Registration is free :).
3. Many Templates which will meet your requirements.
4. Many of your creations can be downloaded free of cost. However, if you want to download HD quality of your videos, then you need to pay a nominal amount. There are many flexible plans which one can opt.
Try it out and post your comments about your experience with this website.

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